The security guard received praise for protecting the helpless dog from the rain with an umbrella. – Animals Nature Press

The security guard received praise for protecting the helpless dog from the rain with an umbrella.


In Giffnock, Scotland (UK), a shop security guard received praise for a valiant deed. Ethan Dearman was pictured carrying an umbrella over a dog to shield him from the rain while working outside of businesses.

At the moment, Mel Gracie, a Glasgow tattoo artist, decided to take a picture of the man’s activities and publish it on Twitter with the caption:

“Congratulations to the security officer at @Morrisons for keeping this stunning young woman dry. You never know how dogs feel when it rains.

A dog is covered from the rain by a security guard.


The post received 146,000 likes and over 19,000 retweets in a short period of time. Social media users complimented the guardian’s interactions with Freddy, a golden retriever, and asserted that the man deserved commendation for his kind handling of the pet.

A representative for the Morrisons grocery store company told LADbible:

“To keep our clients and their pets dry due to the potential of rain this week, we have donated 9,000 Morrisons umbrellas.” It’s encouraging to see that our Giffnock company is already using this.

Ethan posted his gesture on Twitter along with the following message after learning how well-liked it was:

I did not expect to become that popular on Twitter so fast. I believed I could make people laugh, but this is on another level, haha.

When Freddy’s father, David Cherry, saw the picture of the storefront on his Twitter account, he learned what had happened and thanked Ethan for his assistance.

Mel responded to his article about the wonderful meeting by saying, “We all hope Ethan’s behavior serves as an example to follow.”

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He usually engages others in conversation while waiting in line, which is wonderful, especially considering how lonely some people are. I posted it in the hope that Morrisons would take note of a kind act performed by one of their staff members, but I had no idea it would spread so quickly!


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