This homeless man provides two abandoned dogs living at the street corner with food and torn clothing. – Animals Nature Press

This homeless man provides two abandoned dogs living at the street corner with food and torn clothing.


An elderly man feeding two abandoned pups while sitting on the pavement was immediately recorded by photographer Nguyen Dong Quan as being particularly sweet and compassionate. Everyone started crying at that point.

Nguyen Dong Quan, 27, a resident of Ho Chi Minh who enjoys photographing everyday scenes with his little camera, has been able to dry many people’s tears with his shot of an elderly man petting and loving a dog while sitting on a street corner.

“My kid, let’s sleep here together tonight.”

Who can look at this situation without being upset. I feel bad for the elderly guy who, despite the impending cold, will continue to provide the unfortunate dogs with a meager amount of warmth. I also feel bad for those who must travel from place to place in search of food for the day despite not having enough. However, we should respect the elderly man’s fortitude in the face of adversity as well as his deep compassion for dogs who experience the same struggles and outcomes.


In his statement to the media after being relocated, the photographer recalled:

“I was at a stop sign when I noticed an elderly man sitting and embracing a tiny puppy next to another dog that was loitering around.

I frequently watch and appreciate every moment as a photographer. Nearing 11 o’clock at night, it was chilly, and the elderly guy only had one shirt to provide warmth for his partner.


I remained there for a while after seeing that sight and cried as I watched the old guy continue to love and pet the two dogs indefinitely. Therefore, don’t forget to grab your camera and snap a quick photo.

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Although it was snapped in a hurry, the image captures the grandfather’s priceless emotions.

The internet community reacted favorably to Quan’s photo right away, and several individuals identified him.

His name is Nguyen Van Ba, and he is close to 70 years old. He had previously worked as a motorbike taxi driver, but his age and health prevented him from doing so. He had to put in a lot of effort at this young age to provide for the other two tiny canines as well as himself.

He stopped tonight at the Bay Hien crossroads in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Binh neighborhood with two dogs and an old bicycle. Anyone passing by stops to offer him spare coins, occasionally lunch boxes, and occasionally bread. His existence revolves around a red cup and a cap. As he put it

“When I approached him to ask about it, he said that now he must rely on everyone’s help to raise two dogs, but he does today to take care of tomorrow, even though he is nearly 70 years old, he still has to take care of eating every meal. He continued to love and care for the two dogs, leaving the last shirt for the dog to wear at night when it became chilly.

It is known that Mr. Ba nurtured the white poodle for a very long period and just recently met the yellow-haired one. The second thing these two canines have in common is that both of their owners fled from them after abandoning them. Even though he occasionally skipped meals, he never gave up his two dogs, and even if someone wanted to purchase him, he was adamant not to do so. Only those who will truly love, care for, and look after them get them from him.

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He encountered this golden puppy under the most trying of conditions.

The photographer provided further details:

“He indicated that because the owner treated the animal poorly and neglected to feed it, it was likely mistreated, maybe by thugs or worse.

He brought it home, and with his love and care, it began to heal. He frequently petted and hugged it as a result.

Grandpa advised against making fun of or treating him poorly since he can sense anything we do. For me to be content and healthy once more, I must enjoy it. He wants to make up for the dog’s damaged feelings after leaving him constantly in the middle of the road.

He shared everything, including feeding two little dogs before he ate his part, whether he purchased a lunchbox or someone gave him a cake.

Along that vein of feeling, Mr. Dong Quan frankly admitted: “Saigon, where I reside, is like that; busy and chaotic, yet in the middle of that bustling wheel, in a little area of the city is still congested. full of affection, love, and giving.

Only a tiny minority of individuals still view dogs as their closest companions, never voice complaints or demands, and fear that “the children” would starve if there isn’t enough food.

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