Despite being told that the kitten was too “feral” and may harm her, the woman saves him. – Animals Nature Press

Despite being told that the kitten was too “feral” and may harm her, the woman saves him.


In Atlanta, Georgia, a stray cat litter was discovered close to a man’s workplace. He immediately made a call to his daughter to ask for her assistance in saving the kids.

We made it our duty to catch these tiny creatures in a trap we created, a Reddit user named GJones26 claimed.

They underestimated how long the rescue effort would take. After several weeks of waiting, they managed to capture one kitten.

They were able to reinstall the stolen trap and keep trapping even though it was covered behind some plants.


“We checked the trap every morning, and we eventually caught this little thing!”

On that particular day, they put everything else on wait to take the kitten to the doctor.

The small ginger cat was suffering from fleas and was losing her mind in the cage. The doctor recommended them to send the kitten to the wild since it was far too “feral” to be adopted.

They took the kitten home against the advice of the doctor.

“We took a few pictures of him when we returned from the veterinarian on that specific day, and this is one of them. And even though he had a cold, which is why he had teary eyes, he is now fully healed!”

The narrator claims, “He’s taken over his human’s bed.”

“How on earth could I abandon such a great, loving baby?”

Maybe all he really wanted was someone to have faith in him.


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