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Dog that was left behind keeps pursuing “white vehicles” in an effort to locate his “betrayed” owner


For the rest of their life, owning a dog is everything. Over the course of their relationship, they have grown to appreciate one another and have developed a strong bond.

Nevertheless, for unknown reasons, some dog owners leave their animals in remote locations. The dogs, who are among the most devoted animals on the globe, patiently wait for their owners to come home, unaware that they have been left alone for a long time.

The Kritter Klub has been compiling critter tales since 2001 with a group of animal enthusiasts from Korea. One day, they were informed of a stray dog in a village who was always charging toward cars. Nobody was able to determine what was wrong with him. He reported that this dog would always follow him and sit next to his car when he got home from work. Since the peasant had no idea who or where the dog was from, he was baffled.

For more than twenty days, the dog had been sitting in the same spot on the road, as if he were looking for something and would lose it if he moved. When he noticed a white automobile passing by, he started running after it. Then, unhappy, he went back to his old place and waited some more. What was the wish of the lone dog?


It wasn’t until the crew met the neighbor who had been minding the dog for a month that they discovered the canine’s background. A white car pulled up a month ago and abruptly abandoned the puppy on an unmarked road. Following that, he started looking for any kind of white automobile in an effort to locate his owner. The dog resisted the elderly man’s attempts to help him and even resisted being taken home. He still yearned for his master and waited for him day and night, even as the weather got colder. On the other hand, the person never appeared.

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Luckily, the individual who informed the group decided to bring the dejected dog inside his home. The dog was adjusting to his new situation even though he was still sad. The one who had prepared it for him gave him a pleasant place to live and the name Ba-duk. Once more, he stood by the side of the road, but this time the nice guy was with him.

Members of the Kritter Klub took the sick dog to the clinic for a checkup after witnessing the canine struggling to survive in the savage weather. Despite being in good condition, he was enraged because he couldn’t believe his owner had tricked him.

There is usually a long spring after a long winter. Ba-duk should be able to settle into his new home quickly and live a long and happy life.



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