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Mother Cat Flees… and Leaves Her Kitten Under the Truck, Scared, What’s Going on?


Reddit user JustAnotherGoodGuy decided to post about his terrible encounter with a scared kitten that was desperately clinging to a vehicle outside his office.

It turns out that “the mom cat ran off… and deserted the kitten.” The redditor said, “There were no more kittens to be found.”

Simply put, he was aware that he couldn’t leave a vulnerable, little creature on the street.

Could I bring it home with me? – As soon as JustAnotherGoodGuy discovered the cat, he emailed his wife. Who could refuse a face like that, she said.

That second marked the beginning of a new life for the cat. They decided to take her for a checkup and vaccination at the vet.


“That’s how we found out she’s a lady.” I’ve received my shots, and I have the whole new cat package. When she was found, she was just 4-5 weeks old. he said, observing.

The cat then received the name Axel, and a brand-new chapter of her life started. With our 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old dog, [Axel] has fit in well. “She’s safe, sound, warm, and… cherished,” the couple continued.

The mother cat ran off and left the kitten alone.

“My wife sent me this picture over email and asked if I may bring it home?”

Who could refuse someone with such face?

The couple found out the cat was a girl when they brought her to the veterinarian.

“[Axel] has settled in nicely with our 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old puppy. She is protected, cozy, and… loved.


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