Unaware that the elderly owner could not return, the faithful dog has been waiting for his owner in the alley for three years. – Animals Nature Press

Unaware that the elderly owner could not return, the faithful dog has been waiting for his owner in the alley for three years.


Boksil has been waiting patiently on the road in front of the house for the owner to return every day for the past three years despite not hearing from the owner and wandering alone in the abandoned house.

The public has shown a great deal of compassion and interest in the tragic tale of the dog Boksil, which was shown on SBS’s “Animal Farm” program in Korea. When they heard the tale of the unhappy little puppy, everyone was moved to compassion.

She calmly went over to the dog that was curled up in the alley, giving it a loving stroke as if it were her long-lost child.

Boksil transitioned from shock and horror to emotion. Boksil made the decision to go home with the elderly woman since it had been a while since he had experienced such unconditional affection from anyone. Everyone had previously viewed him as a wild dog that was ostracized and avoided. They cling together like a figure with a shadow from that point on.


Boksil might also lie on the dog’s mattress that the elderly woman had provided. She is always delighted to chat and laugh now that she has a tiny puppy, as opposed to earlier when she used to sit quietly on the porch.

They merely rely on one other to live blissfully like that, till the day of separation arrives, as if fate had planned for two lonely people to meet and remain together.

As the elderly woman’s Alzheimer’s dementia worsened, she was unable to continue caring for Boksil. Her family made the decision to place her in a nursing home for care and therapy.

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Boksil was consequently grudgingly given up. But, unhappiness did not stop there, after a brain haemorrhage surgery, the old woman was paralyzed with hemiplegia, unable to walk and live on her own. Poor Boksil had no idea.

He continued to stand silently on the road in front of the home every day, scanning the traffic for the mistress’s silhouette.

He didn’t enter softly and snuggle up in a corner of the home until it was nearly dark and everyone in the neighborhood was still and empty.

In an instant, three years have passed. On bright and cloudy days alike, people continue to see a tiny dog standing there with sorrowful eyes.

Dogs love to show their owners their appreciation by patiently waiting.

Although these canines are voiceless, their loyalty and sincerity of heart cannot be questioned. “Dogs love their owners more than themselves,” someone once stated.

Nobody could possibly dispute that after hearing Boksil’s tale or remembering Hachiko, a devoted dog who spent nine years waiting for his owner to return at the train station every day until he passed away.

In actuality, separation is never easy for any being, whether human or animal.

As long as we consistently believe and treat all creatures with kindness, everything turns out to be great because every predestined circumstance we have in this life—good or bad, long or short—is the ideal arrangement of the Creator.



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