When she heard that the owner intended to give the puppies to another owner, the dog’s mother took the puppies to hide. – Animals Nature Press

When she heard that the owner intended to give the puppies to another owner, the dog’s mother took the puppies to hide.


The subject “created waves” among cat lovers, drew a ton of conversation, and was among the top hot searches on this website.

Since Nina was nurtured by Lac Tu from a young age, her buddy recently gave birth to three pups without incident. The owner’s family becomes increasingly busy as a result.

The care of the kids takes up a lot of time every day. When “senfriend” “‘s came to visit one day and observed how adorable “the children” were, the girl requested a baby to take home.


Lac Tu first hesitated a while before deciding to decline. Initially, the lad did not want to be away from the kids since he loved animals and had the means to care for them.

The courteous young man made a pledge to give you a kid if Nina ever had another child.


Everyone gasped when he stopped the “milky mother,” nevertheless, because of a sequence of motions.

The three kids were swiftly cuddled, placed in an iron basket, and then she used her mouth to stow them away in the room. It may not have felt secure enough because it fled the house while still carrying the basket.

After being in shock for a while, Lac Tu realized that Nina had believed incorrectly that the owner planned to sell his kid. As a result, the mother’s natural need to defend her flesh and blood surged, and she sought to remove the infant to safety right away.

Everyone experiences an unfathomable emotion that is both hilarious and unbearably emotional when the top is clear.

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“I have seen Nina from a young age until now, then take care of her baby,” Lac Tu remarked. who want to give or sell. But this girl is really intelligent and considerate.

Although there is no activity when I have a confidant, he will lie peacefully next to me, and I realize that is a comfort. I’m not sure why I have such a strong affection for cats and dogs.



The public has been interested in “milky mother” Nina’s humorous yet profound tale. It’s so lovely to imagine her placing her infant in the basket before scurrying off in search of cover.


It was jokingly known as “the heroic mother” by the locals. Additionally, other internet users applauded the “lotus” Lac Tu, saying that the owner is a really kind person.

It’s possible that we are not unfamiliar with the Golden Retriever breed.

Golden Retrievers are renowned for having an IQ that is comparable to a 6-year-old kid and for being “nice dogs,” traits that have helped them win the hearts of many.

Additionally, holy motherhood exists in both the animal and human worlds. Take a look at Nina’s tender care for her pups.


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