Every day, a stray cat visits the supermarket to plead with shoppers to buy him food. – Animals Nature Press

Every day, a stray cat visits the supermarket to plead with shoppers to buy him food.


A white cat was sitting by itself in front of the door when Tania Sants was making her way to the nearby store in Mexico a few weeks ago. Before going into the store, Sants petted the kitten since he was so adorable.

But as she started down an aisle, the cat stood in her way. She was taken into the business, where he led her to the area housing the cat treats. The cat appeared to appreciate them, so Sants made the decision to buy some.

When Sants went back to the shop, she found the cat waiting for her there. Of course, Sants knew exactly what he wanted.


As Sants discovered, the clever cat frequents the establishment daily to plead with customers to purchase him food or treats. Sants was curious to learn his origins because no one was aware of them.

On her subsequent trip to the store, he was still there. Sants made the decision to record the crafty cat’s antics this time. Sants bought the cat the goodies he desired and carefully followed him into the shop.

He turned out to be a street-dwelling stray cat. At that time, Sants understood that finding a permanent home was the most crucial thing he required. Sants made up her mind to take him home right away.

“I brought him to my house and adopted him,” Sants told The Dodo.

Sants engaged in conversation with store employees and saw that nobody was looking for him. They told me no one had come seeking for him, Sants alleged. They expressed gratitude to me for returning him to them.

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Before leaving the store, Sants made sure to get treats for her animals. Without being asked, she walked to the store and made a few purchases. She said, “I got him a lot of munchies. He can trust that I’ll be there for him no matter what.

He had a difficult life on the streets, but now he was with Sants and her other cat, and they were his family. Additionally, since he has a beautiful owner who likes him and gives him the best of all she has, he is naturally no longer dependent on others to purchase him goodies.

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Cat visits the shop daily to beg customers to buy him treats.



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