Until assistance arrives, a young boy refuses to let go of a stray dog that was struck by a car. – Animals Nature Press

Until assistance arrives, a young boy refuses to let go of a stray dog that was struck by a car.


Being kind is a heartfelt gift. We firmly think that by being nice to one another, we can all contribute to improving the state of the world. If you’re unsure of how or where to express your love and compassion, look about you. There are chances to show kindness, compassion, and care everywhere you turn. Please spread the word to others.

A teenage Syrian refugee named Hüseyin el-Hasan has revived our faith in humanity after assisting an injured stray dog. He and his family have experienced horrifying events firsthand and understand what it’s like to be Syrians caught in the thick of a catastrophe. More disasters have occurred in Hüseyin’s life than anyone else. The family is presently residing as refugees in the Turkish city of Kilis thanks to their good fortune in finding sanctuary there. Despite his awful background, the young man’s compassion for others in need has not diminished, according to boredpanda.

Hüseyin went to help a dog that he saw that had been hit by a car not far from his new house. When he got back home, he grabbed his blanket, wrapped it tightly around the dog to protect it, and then made a call for assistance.


He didn’t think twice to share his lone blanket with the poor puppy, despite the fact that his own home was having heating issues. Hüseyin remained at the dog’s side while they awaited the rescuers.

After a while, animal care professionals showed up to take the dog to a local clinic. Unfortunately, it was too late and the dog died. Although the little boy’s heart was devastated, it was thanks to him that the dog was able to experience a bit of compassion in her last moments.

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Naturally, his deed of charity was recalled. To commemorate Hüseyin and his family, the city’s deputy mayor, Cuma zdemir, paid them a visit at their residence. The boy’s deeds may seem little to some, but zdemir thinks they represent the finest of mankind.

In addition to receiving a brand-new blanket and other presents, Hüseyin also received the message that his actions that day exemplified the best of mankind and that we need more of it in our lives and communities.

Hüseyin had a difficult upbringing and was exposed to brutality, yet he never lost his decency or want to love.

Kilis residents as well as Hüseyin’s family are all pleased with this little hero. He serves as an example of how we may all uphold the virtues that young children possess.



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