When a dog knows he will be given to someone else, he won’t look away from his owner. – Animals Nature Press

When a dog knows he will be given to someone else, he won’t look away from his owner.


Additionally, the living “boss” are extremely responsible and exceptionally devoted to their owners. They also have a versatile intellect.

A message that was “fever” on this forum three years ago was reposted on Sohu page around the beginning of September.

The golden retriever in the tale closely gripped “Lotusleg “‘s and begged his owner not to take him away, saying in effect, “Don’t take me away, I promise to be good and eat less!”

In particular, a netizen made the decision to start a profession abroad due to the challenging economic climate. However, it is not simple to move with a Golden Retriever dog in search of work.


Additionally, the boy’s circumstances at the time wasn’t great, and he was worried that introducing the “boss” would make things worse. The “lotus” encountered a fresh challenge, delivering the “golden boy” to a friend for care.

Everyone saw a highly emotional scene on the day “boss” was delivered to a relative’s home. The “dog” rapidly embraced the “lotus” thigh with pleasurable eyes since it appeared to know that this may be its final opportunity to meet the owner.

Regardless of what the young man said, the boy refused to listen, he only knew how to hug the boy’s feet, hoping to accompany each other on every path, no matter how difficult or difficult it is.


It is well known that these two owners and servants have had many joyful and sorrowful moments together; the dog may be considered a treasure in his heart. However, sometimes life requires us to make the most challenging decisions.

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Going to a foreign nation in search of employment when one does not have a secure place to reside and when one’s surroundings have changed can be extremely difficult. The young man’s decision to choose that route must have been difficult for him.

On social media, however, there are conflicting views on this subject. The decision of “sen” is the subject of many divisive viewpoints.

Because they believe that “only insiders can comprehend persons confined,” some individuals support the alternative course of action. It will benefit the dog for an animal enthusiast.


The moderator and the “boss” have suffered together for many years, thus they cannot use financial considerations to sever ties with their close friends, according to several online users who reject this behavior.

Dogs have been a part of human culture for many millennia. They are reputed to be devoted pets that will even make the ultimate sacrifice to defend their masters.

As a result, it is not unexpected that the owner loves the “boss”. However, in some cases of force majeure, many individuals are obliged to decide to part with their pets for their own benefit, as the young man in the aforementioned incident.



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