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A man adopts a dog with special needs who has been returned four times.


All animals at shelters receive the same care. All they want is to spend the remainder of their lives in a lovely, caring environment. But not everyone has the good fortune to do it correctly the first time. However, even doggos occasionally have to endure some severe suffering before discovering a genuine silver lining in their lives. Bandit was just that—a stray who entered the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program as a stray but later had serious health problems that rendered him immobilized below the waist. Fortunately for him, Bandit was discovered and taken in by someone with a similar situation. It seems to be written in the stars!

Meet Bandit, a happy puppy who was sent back to the shelter four times before finding his forever home.

No dog living at a shelter has it easy. Contrarily, Bandit’s journey was incredibly challenging. After being discovered as a stray, he was sent to the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter but was subsequently moved to the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program. It’s a unique initiative that uses inmates to train and care for dogs to stop them from being put down.

He was taken up by the Gwinnett Jail Dogs Program when they discovered him as a stray.


They found out right away that he had heartworms and needed significant treatment.

It appeared as though Bandit would never find the right family until Darrell and Sue Rider stumbled upon him on Facebook. They weren’t worried about Bandit’s special needs because Darrell was also using a wheelchair.

Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in him becoming paralyzed below the waist.

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The paralysis was previously thought to be temporary, but it was subsequently shown to be permanent.

We had a lot closer relationship as well.

Darrell Rider said, “The most amazing thing about Bandit is that he and I both have paralysis and have to use a wheelchair to get about.”

He seemed to have found his new family to be a fantastic match, despite the fact that he felt quite at home with the inmates. Rider continued, “Bandit is doing wonderful and has acclimated to his new family and surroundings better than we could have anticipated. We are ecstatic to have Bandit in our lives as a family.

“Sue and I understand what Bandit needs since we have lived in wheelchairs,” Sue said. We also developed a much closer relationship.

On the internet, many have praised the story and sent their best wishes.


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