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A Rescuer Takes In A Puppy Found In Dog Food Bags.


A dog food bag was found with an abandoned puppy and seven of his siblings inside. At a truck stop, Nicole Olsen and her daughter Harper heard a lot of squeaks coming from a box, so they went to check it out.

On November 1, they were traveling between Wigley Flat and Kingston in Murray, Australia, northeast of Adelaide, when something strange happened.

When Nicole heard the groans, she lifted the lid of the container and saw that two 20-kilo bags of dog food were stacked on top of each other.

A puppy was found with its siblings in a box.


The bags were held together with a wire used to hang clothes, and inside were puppies who needed help right away. Nicole decided to get help from her family to save the puppies while she was on her way home from a family reunion in Renmark.

The little ones looked like they were sick. They had parasites and fleas, and it was clear that leaving them was done to keep them alive. Nicole’s family quickly came to help. They put the kids in three cars and drove them to Nicole’s house in Gawler.

The two sickest puppies were wrapped in towels and stroked the whole way to keep them awake and able to help.

According to the Daily Mail, this is what the head inspector of the RSPCA said:

“This is the cruelest thing that has ever happened to an animal. We found these cubs by accident, and we don’t know how long they had been there.

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The inspector also said that the person who did this did not want any of the puppies to live because he left them in terrible conditions. When they were found, the temperature was 25 °C, which made the concrete container feel like an oven for the children.

Dogs, unlike humans, are unable to sweat and must rely on panting and heat release via their feet and nose. As a result, getting chilly was nearly impossible for the small children who were trapped within food sacks and a container.

The positive news started to flow when RSPCA volunteers cared for the six surviving puppies until they recovered their health.

Nicole and her family decided to take in Angel, the only red puppy in the litter. Angel is a very loving puppy.

What Nicole said was:

“We all felt bad for Angel because he was the youngest and seemed to be having a lot of trouble.”

Her family wanted to adopt all of the puppies, but she told them that wasn’t possible, so they decided to adopt at least one.

Angel will now live with Nicole, her husband Michael, their daughter Harper, and their 10-year-old family dog who loves other dogs.

Nicole continued, ”

“We’re all committed to giving Angel the best life we can; we feel lucky to have him.”

The dogs that lived through the event were taken in by many kind families, where they are now living happily.

Because this family acted quickly, the cute puppies got a second chance at life and learned what real love is.

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Thanks to this family’s quick response, the cute puppies got a second chance at life and learned what real love is.

The animal protection group will keep looking into the situation to find the people who did this horrible thing.

From what the chief inspector says:

“It’s hard to believe that someone would do this to eight little puppies, and we’re begging anyone who knows what happened to speak up.”

Under South Australia’s animal care laws, it is a crime to leave an animal behind. This can get you up to two years in prison or a $20,000 fine. But because two puppies died because of what happened, the punishment for this crime might be worse.

Credits: IMAGE | RSCPA

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