Тwо miIеs sераrаtе а dоg with а brоkеn Iеg frоm hеr рuррiеs. – Animals Nature Press

Тwо miIеs sераrаtе а dоg with а brоkеn Iеg frоm hеr рuррiеs.


A Greyhound spotted wandering the streets brought a vet two kilometers to her puppies despite having a dаmаgеd leg.
Despite having a brоkеn leg, a Greyhound that was seen wandering the streets guided a doctor 2 kilometers to her children.

The little dog was found by psychotherapist Lianne Powell, who also took her to the doctor.

They discovered that she was producing milk and also realized that the dog had just recently given birth. “We equipped her with a lengthy chain and put a collar on her. We simply followed her after that. She knew where she was heading, the veterinarian Ellen Sobry told The Daily Mail.

She dragged her actors in some spots as she led us down dirty paths, over regions, and also around motorways. There were 10 cute, chubby, healthy, and balanced pups in the back,” Powell added.


“I couldn’t believe what I saw; it was unbelievable,” Sobry continued. It was quite incredible how the dog came to trust us and lead us to where they were considering that she had just met us an hour earlier and had no idea who we were.
At Ellen’s facility, Vera the Greyhound mother and her small puppies are recovering.

As soon as they are prepared, Ibizan Canine Rescue will undoubtedly assist them in finding a loving permanent home.

The dog was found by one woman, who also took her to the doctor. They saw there that she only had a puppie.

“We gave her a long leash and a collar to wear… We just kept on following her after that.

She led us along clumsy paths while tugging and bouncing her performers.

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There were 10 adorable, chubby, young puppies in good health in the back.

It was truly amazing how she made the decision to put her trust in us and tell us where they were.

The mother of the Greyhound, known as Vera, is also recovering at a veterinary hospital with her young.

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