А mаn gеts tо knоw а bеаr оvеr timе, аnd whеn shе hаs сubs, shе brings thеm tо mееt him. – Animals Nature Press

А mаn gеts tо knоw а bеаr оvеr timе, аnd whеn shе hаs сubs, shе brings thеm tо mееt him.


Although bears are typically thought of as unrelentingly dаngеrous animals, they do have a soft side.
This is perfectly illustrated in the image below, where a black bear and a man have developed a close, special bond.

The mother bear has frequently visited Patrick Conley over the years, and one day she brought her young cubs to see him!

Patrick is from Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears are numerous and known to be friendly.

The bear population in this portion of the United States is thriving, owing in part to the bears’ adaptation to living among humans.


Simone the mommy bear appears out of the woods to say hello in the video footage.

This is a routine occurrence for Patrick, nothing out of the ordinary. She did, however, bring her first litter of cubs to meet him this time.

When he spotted the gorgeous family of cubs plodding along behind the mama cub, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

‘The cubs are the prettiest things to ever walk these timbers, but then I’m kind am prejudiced,’ he said on the video clip’s caption.

Patrick already knew Simone, so meeting the cubs was the same as meeting a new family member.

And you can see how close and comfortable Simone is with Patrick as she walks directly onto the porch with her pups just behind her.

The cubs are clearly not as at ease as their mother, as they hesitate before leaping onto the porch.

But finally, all three of them gather on the porch to greet Patrick, who is understandably taken aback.

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A bear, who is often feared, is so friendly with Patrick, a human, and trusts him so much that he is meeting her delicate babies. Amazing!

Simone cautiously follows the cubs to the nearest tree, where they climb and play. They are still adjusting to their new surroundings.

Simone signals it’s time to go after some exploring, climbing, and goofing around, and the triad departs into the forest.

Patrick commented that Simone was well-fed, healthy, and balanced.

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