Вug Nаkеd is “thе сruisе shiр саt” swеерing thе Intеrnеt. – Animals Nature Press

Вug Nаkеd is “thе сruisе shiр саt” swеерing thе Intеrnеt.


A cruise captain and her Sphynx cat are inspiring Internet users’ fantasies of exotic vacation destinations. The pet and its owner have become Internet celebrities. More than 370 thousand individuals follow the adventures of Kate McCue and her accomplice Bug Naked.

Kate McCue, who is from San Francisco, frequently publishes films and photographs of her travels on Instagram. In addition to these gorgeous photographs, she shаrеs insight into her unconventional work path.

In 2015, Kate McCue was the first American woman to skipper a large cruise ship. In 2019, she commanded Celebrity Cruises’ new flagship, the approximately one billion dollar Celebrity Edge.

According to The Telegraph, McCue understood as early as age 12 that she wanted to be a cruise ship captain and spend her time at sea.

The woman has over thirteen years of experience in the cruise industry and has been in control of the Beyond liner since October 14, 2021.


Bug Naked turns into a sailor.

Captain Kate McCue of Celebrity Cruises did not wait long after assuming her position to bring her hairless cat on board.
Kate Petrovic’s husband, Nikola Petrovic, is the Fleet Chief Engineer for Virgin Excursions; hence, Bug is an exceptional crew member.

She brings the cat along to her tough job as moral support. Her cat frequently sails with her, much to the delight of Internet users.

Two travel authorities
According to Bug’s Instagram bio,

“I am “lady” Bug Naked, an Elf Sphynx who rocks the naked lifestyle while touring the world and seven seas with my hoo-mum @captainkatemccue.”

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Followers can witness peeks of the cat’s lavish lifestyle as it roams around cruise ships and visits the world’s most picturesque locations.

According to Getaway, Bug Naked is properly cared for because her mother gives her monthly showers.

Unlikе most other cat breeds, elven Sphynxes enjoy swimming because they rely on their owners to remove the oil from their skin.

Kate Mc Cue enjoys dressing up her companion, from a captain’s uniform and a pink tutu to a leopard print jacket, nothing is off limit for the fashionable puss.

Her followers cannot get enough of the adorable moggy, as user @Mia J runner exclaimed:

“Gosh darn, Bug. You’re as cute as a bug’s ear 🥰”

@PastorJeffro thinks the cat is the real chief of the vessel, stating:

“Come on, Bug, we all know you are really the Captain of that ship. 😳”

Some followers have credited Captain Kate McCue and Bug for inspiring them to adорt their own Sphynx kitten.

Source: beopeo.com

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