Abandoned dog spends 9 years in junkyard, but then a miraculous rescue changes everything

Hope For Paws received a call from Persephone Harrington, a woman who had stumbled upon an elderly homeless dog sheltering under a dumpster at a junkyard. When the emergency services arrived, they found the dog covered in mud and surrounded by garbage.
After speaking with the residents at the junkyard, the rescuers learned that the dog’s owner had been evicted nine years prior and had abandoned the dog, leaving it to fend for itself on the streets. The people at the junkyard had been giving the dog food, but it needed so much more.
The dog, whom the rescuers named Josephine, or Pheenie for short, was a mischievous puppy at heart and needed a loving home. The rescuers put a light rope around Pheenie’s neck and waited to see how she would react. To their surprise, Pheenie emerged from under the shipping container, gentle and kind. Upon closer inspection, the rescuers discovered that Pheenie was a special historical animal and that all of the enamel on her teeth had been worn away.
Pheenie was immediately taken to CARES, where she received proper clinical care and a much-needed bath. The vets discovered that Pheenie had an infection in her spinal cord called discoschondylitis, as well as an extreme dental disease and a urinary tract infection. They also found multiple mammary tumors, which is not uncommon in unspayed females. After her bath, Pheenie lay on the couch with warm blankets and fell asleep quickly, finally experiencing a happy sleep for the first time in nine years.
Los Angeles Animal Rescue offered to take Pheenie in and care for her for the rest of her life. Pheenie was able to walk, play outside, and run in the snow, experiencing the love and care that every dog deserves. Five months after her rescue, Pheenie passed away peacefully, sitting comfortably by the fireplace.
Pheenie’s story touched the hearts of many, and she will always be remembered by the rescuers at Hope For Paws, the staff at CARES, the team at Los Angeles Animal Rescue, and the lady who had asked for help in rescuing Pheenie. Thanks to their efforts, Pheenie was able to live her last months to the fullest, rather than spending them alone and abandoned under a dumpster.
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