Neglected Husky sat frozen in terror in a corner as the other dogs played.


We do promise a pleasant conclusion even if this narrative is captivating.

When Harbin SHS rescuers came, they discovered more than 2,000 dogs on a property in Harbin, China. But of all the dogs, one stuck out the most for the most tragic cause.

This specific dog sat transfixed in the corner, afraid and alone, while all the other dogs ran about playing with each other, according to ilovemydog.

She wasn’t in great condition, either. She had extremely filthy, feces-matted fur. She was severely underweight and terrified. This sad Husky puppy has clearly been ignored for a very long time.


They choose to adopt this puppy and give her the name Harriet. She jumped into a volunteer’s lap as soon as they got inside the car and for the first time felt secure.

Harriet was around eight months old when they took her to the veterinarian, who gave an estimate.

Harriet, who is only a puppy, has already gone through more grief than a dog should ever have through. But happily, she was now on the path to recovery and in the proper hands.

Fortunately, Harriet was in generally good condition outside the evident illnesses. She had a wash and had her dirty, matted fur shaved off as their first action.

She then moved in with them to reside at their rescue facility, where she would recover for the following two months.

In the following weeks, Harriet’s fur started to regrow and she started to come out of her shell. It was now time for her to find her permanent home. She was such a sweet, sociable dog.

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When Canadian Rosee Vallee came across Harriet’s photo online, she knew she wanted to adopt the child. Harriet was flown to San Francisco by a volunteer, when she first met her adoptive mother.

Harriet then began her new life in Canada. But Bailey was the new name that came with her new existence. She also has three new dog sisters, with whom she gets along well, in addition to a new mom. Bailey certainly seems content in this picture with mom. What a beautiful image and satisfying conclusion. I adore my dog urges you to see the movie below and to tell a friend or family member about this.

With her new family, Bailey is having a great time and enjoying her new life. Thanks to the volunteers and vets who assisted her along the road, she has come a long way from being frozen in a corner of that property!


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