Everyone was moved to tears when they saw the abandoned dog tethered to a garbage bin.


Meet Scooter, the dog who was abandoned with the heartbreaking note “Free Pup” while chained to a dumpster in a South Carolina shopping center parking lot. Scooter is my name. Owner Entered Prison Today.

When a couple saw him, they swiftly rescued him from the trash. Scooter was fortunate to be in good health and avoid any negative incidents. In an effort to raise awareness for the plight of this unfortunate puppy, the couple made the decision to shoot some pictures and publish them online.

The founder of a nearby foster-based rescue organization called South Eastern Homeless Animals, Paula Langford, was alerted when the distressing pictures of Scooter immediately went popular on social media (SEHA). Langford realized she had to assist the abandoned puppy after seeing the pictures. She got in touch with the couple right away and requested that they take the man in.

Langford told The Dodo, “I immediately reached out to them and said, ‘I’ll take the dog. I’ll get him scanned with my microchip scanner so I can verify the tale first. Then we’ll deliver him to his proper location.


Langford arrived later that day to pick up Scooter at a petrol station.

Langford remarked, “I knew he was a loved pet as soon as I saw him. “He was left behind with a bag of grain-free dog food, a costly carrying case for him, and a collar.”

The following was discovered by Langford after scanning Scooter’s microchip: “When he [the owner] was arrested, his main concern was that his dog did not go to the shelter, so he handed his belongings, his money, his backpack, his carrying bag, and his beloved dog to his friends and asked them to ensure that the dog was safe.”

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Scooter’s owner requested his pals to watch over his dog, but tragically, they broke their word and left him and his cherished pet alone.

Scooter was welcomed into Langford’s house, and she was able to contact the owner’s mother, who resides in Colorado. Fortunately, his mother was content to take care of him.

It was evident that Scooter was overjoyed to see his family once more, according to Langford, who described the reunion as incredibly sweet and emotional. “I am quite certain that my choice to reunite this cherished dog with his family is the right one.”

The ideal wish for any animal discovered on the streets is that it has a caring family out there, according to Langford. “However, it is not the conclusion in the majority of situations. Scooter was a beloved and cherished part of a beautiful family in Scooter’s case. Although saying goodbye was difficult for me, I am confident that he is in the right place.


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