A woman who pass.ed of cancer sends a heartfelt anonymous letter pleading for assistance for her dog.


Everyone who owns a pet understands the special place animals have in our lives. Especially over the years, and especially when they have provided the richest solace in our most trying times.

A lady with terminal cancer was distraught to think of the destiny of her beloved rescue dog, whom she had acquired 8 years earlier from a St. Louis, Missouri-based rescue group called Stray Rescue.

An anonymous letter came at the rescue headquarters, completely devasting all of the volunteers.

“We got the most devastating message today: I’m writing to ask you to take my puppy, Shell… I’ve been battling cancer for a few months, and if you’re reading this, it’s because I lost. I require that my infant be cared for in a household… All I can think about these days is what will happen to her. “I adore her; she is my baby,” they said on the Stray Rescue of St. Louis Facebook page.


In the lengthy letter, the woman also went into great detail about her dog, who is the most spoilt of dogs. He also discussed her temperament and what the ideal home would be for her.

“Shell is with us now, safe and sound, she is terrified, but we will shower her with so much love. If you have been lonely and would want to give Shell a home, please fill out the application with a lot of care and understanding.”

Shell’s entire world was devastated after the woman’s death. She was offered temporary refuge by a volunteer while her tale was posted thousands of times on Facebook, and the response was much above her expectations.

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Finally, another outlet revealed the wonderful conclusion that the dog so richly deserved:

“After being saddened by the death of her rescue dog, a great woman saw Shell on the news and realized it was time to adopt her. She felt a special connection and arrived the next morning. They fell in love right away, and we knew she was the one.”

Shell is already the owner of her house and her heart, according to the wonderful woman, and they have become inseparable.

“We are thrilled to have fulfilled his mother’s final desire, who is no longer with us. They will spoil her for the rest of her life, we vow », they concluded from her protection.

What a great way for a tale that affected thousands of people to conclude. Shell couldn’t have another fate, and her Heavenly mother will be overjoyed to hear that her last request was finally granted, and in the greatest possible way.


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