A belly massage is all that a dog that spent 60 hours underground wants right now.

A belly massage is all that a dog that spent 60 hours underground wants right now.

While a family was taking their dog Winston for a stroll in the woodland of Diamond Jubilee Wood in Leicestershire, England, they had no idea he would slip into a tunnel close to the road disguised by a holly bush.

Everything seems to point to Winston becoming buried in the thick muck of badger tunnels and being unable to escape after his curiosity led him into this situation.

Heather, Winston’s adoptive mother, notified the various rescue teams in the county, but Winston’s rescue would be tough due to a statute that protects badgers. As a result, it is advised to all individuals that if their dog goes missing, they should wait 48 hours before taking any action.


According to the BBC, Heather stated:

“The previous several days have been dreadful. Knowing Winston was confined made us feel powerless.”

The woman asked officials to get a permission, but she did not receive a positive response until Tuesday. Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service said it got the call before midday and did not hesitate to arrive at the scene after nearly three days.

Firefighters came with multiple specialist search teams, as well as an RSPCA team.

Heather continued, saying:

“When the firefighters began looking for him, we truly believed we had lost him and were psychologically preparing for the worst.”

They were able to detect Winston’s drowning barks and identify exactly where to dig in order to rescue him thanks to the location and sound gadgets. The crew had to call for assistance to proceed with the excavation because the rescue had to be done cautiously to avoid everything collapsing.

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Heather remarked:

“When we finally saw her small face peeking out of the muck, I burst into more tears.”


After five hours, rescuers were able to remove Winston and pull him from the ground, where he had been stuck for 60 hours.

Winston was immediately turned over to RSPCA inspectors to have his health status evaluated before meeting with Heather.

When he saw her, the first thing he did was roll on her back to have her belly rubbed, which her mother gladly did. He also received a shower of affection and, most likely, a considerable amount of dog shampoo, as he had been covered in the muck for over three days.

Winston was able to return home thanks to the efforts of the rescue crews, and he now just enjoys the companionship of his loved ones.

According to Heather, the three-year-old dog was exhausted and in shock at first, but he recovered completely after a few days.


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