A Chimpanzee’s Heartwarming Reunification With His “Adoptive Parents”

A Chimpanzee’s Heartwarming Reunification With His “Adoptive Parents”

At the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida, the entire family fell in love with the adorable chimpanzee Limbani quite soon. Since Limbani was born with a disease, the charity had to provide him with extra care.


Another example of how chimpanzees, not humans, are the most intelligent apes is Limbani’s character. She manages a quickly expanding Instagram account where she publishes images of the monkey engaging in different antics and even getting along with puppies or young huge cat cubs.

But one video in particular managed to become viral in a matter of hours, showing the heartwarming moment the chimpanzee is reunited with those who cared for him during his precarious early years.

Jorge and Tania provided Limbani with the full range of medical care when his mother abandoned him. They were in responsibility of administering the little child’s medication on schedule and providing him the attention he needed during these critical moments for his health.

When Limbani regained his strength, he went back to the foundation, and since then, his adoptive parents have occasionally visited him. On audio, Limbani’s joyful reaction to seeing Jorge and Tania on one of these journeys can be heard.


The monkey stopped what he was doing when he heard Jorge’s voice and made a few cute screams of delight. The chimpanzee was concentrated on a beverage. He persisted till he had enough strength to offer a bear hug to his dear buddy De. He jumps into Tania’s arms to offer her a hearty embrace when he notices that Tania has also come to visit him.

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