A dog that had been left on a highway approaches a police car and asks for help.

A dog that had been left on a highway approaches a police car and asks for help.

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend; despite this, there are still a great number of people who choose to mistreat dogs because they do not appreciate this fact. This week, Brazilian highway police officers were going about their routine duties when they got a request for assistance in another dangerous scenario.

When they returned to the patrol, they were met with a shocking discovery. There was a lovely stray dog inside the vehicle, and it seemed to have jumped in there.


The poor dog was in desperate need of assistance and could be seen to be in excruciating pain; but, as soon as he saw the cops, he began to feel much better.

The distance made it seem to the officers that the dog had somehow managed to get to that location, but in fact, he was trying to get their attention so that he could ask for help.

The following was written down by the police:

We were taken aback by his frequent sobbing and the fact that he looked to have been abandoned by the side of the road.

Fortunately for the little dog, the authorities were able to detect the anguish that the animal was experiencing and promptly made the decision to take action to save him.

After getting affected by the dog’s actions and screams, the police officers made the decision to take the dog to the police station and provide him with medical attention there.


The story of the abandoned puppy at the police station was about to take a dramatic turn when one of the policemen decided to adopt him.

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The highway patrolman’s heart was moved by the little boy’s story, and in an attempt to be of assistance to him, he decided to permanently incorporate him into his own family.

credits: dailyphew.com

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