A homeless dog was forced to sleep in a garbage bag.

A homeless dog was forced to sleep in a garbage bag.

A little more than two years ago, Stella was found on the streets, wrapped in trash bags to stay warm and protect herself from the elements. The dog was rather unwell at the time, and all she wished for was a chance to flourish in a family and get the love she so desperately needed.

At the time, Heather Martin was looking to expand her family of furry members and had heard about Stella’s story from a friend. Hearing what had transpired, he was certain she was the one for his home.


The Dodo was told by Heather:

“My husband and I researched Pooches Out of Puerto Rico after learning about it from a coworker. Immediately after meeting Stella, we fell in love.

Heather desperately wanted Stella, the dog that needed a family to console her, to move into her house right away, but Stella needed to undergo a vet check and recuperate from her emotional and physical scars first.

Heather’s remarks:

“Stella was left in a garbage dump and survived by snoozing in trash bags and consuming whatever she could find. She had hookworms, roundworms, and scabies. When she was saved, she weighed just 9 pounds.

After obtaining treatment for her issues and receiving approval for the adoption from the rescue group Pooches Out Of Puerto Rico, Stella was finally permitted to transfer to her new home. What was previously a stray dog completely changed with the love of his new family.


After adopting Stella, the family were motivated to adopt again. Lulu, a quiet puppy, was brought into the household to live with Stella. Today, the two sisters enjoy their time together and the love of their family.

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Heather concluded by declaring:

Stella has been a source of joy for us. When we need tenderness, [she] knows and embraces us. She only wants love, and she is ideal.

CREDITS: Instagram/ pochesoutofpr

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