A kind homeless dog comes into a café every day looking for food.

A kind homeless dog comes into a café every day looking for food.

The owner of a cafe in Brazil named Dulci Barbosa was forced to close her business due to closures that occurred in the middle of the necessary quarantine enforced by the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. However, that didn’t stop him from giving food to a special café patron: a sweet, hungry dog who frequented the establishment every day.

A year ago, they started bringing the cute puppy they named “Deneres” to the cafe. Animal lover Dulci has three rescued pets in her home. She makes sure she always has a plate of food and a full stomach because she can’t let the dog inside her home.


The woman would keep coming to the cafe daily to provide food to Deneres even after the outbreak is over.



Dulci, who talked to The Dodo, claimed


She never felt peckish. No one else was a reliable source for him save me.


A dog visits a café daily in search of food.

The woman was the dog’s favorite person and the one she could most trust, in addition to being a source of food for the starving animal. When Dulci reopened her café a few days earlier, Deneres was one of her first customers. The dog came over, eager to meet her friend.

The woman had no idea where the dog slept at night, but she did see that it was nursing a litter of puppies, who were indirectly helped by the food that the dog’s mother regularly received thanks to the woman’s kindness.

A few days earlier, Deneres felt at ease and confident enough to hand the children over to her friend and benefactress. After breakfast he went with Dulci to see her babies.

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In her own words, the woman said:

“I’m ecstatic. Now is the perfect time to adopt them and save them.

Food is presently being brought to the mother bear and her cubs by Dulci. The lady is well aware of how hard it may be to find a home for the mother and the kids in their current area, as well as other essentials.


Dulci goes to tremendous measures to make sure that this tiny family gets a home that will serve as their forever residence, keeping them safe and never having to deal with problems once more.

She is devoted to Deneres and her children and wishes to find them a long-term home where they will always be safe since she feels it is what they should have.

She continued, saying:

I already started adoption campaigns for them. We will accomplish it. I’m sure we can locate them a place to live.



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