A puppy that was only 1.8 pounds is now enormous and gorgeous.

A puppy that was only 1.8 pounds is now enormous and gorgeous.

A little, weak dog was found wandering the streets of Dallas, Texas. He was in poor health and struggling to stay alive. The Dallas Dog RRR rescuers decided to take him to the hospital immediately away because they were concerned about his health and felt they couldn’t afford to waste any time.

Despite only weighing 1.8 pounds, it was obvious that the cub was battling for his life since he was hardly able to lift his head and open his eyes.

Due of his size, they gave the puppy the name Stuart and believed him to be a chihuahua, but to everyone’s surprise, he was actually a pit bull.


Since he was so little and very malnourished, his health was so bad that he didn’t even resemble a pitbull puppy.

In order to find out what ailments he could have and how to treat them, Stuart had to go through a number of tests at the hospital.

Stuart’s blood results were not good; due to fleas and ticks, he was anemic and urgently needed a blood transfusion. The puppy’s first two days were difficult and upsetting; he seemed to be without conscience and was frequently losing his mind.

Although his dire situation did not get any better, the rescuers were willing to do all it took to save the young youngster.

Thankfully, Stuart started to recover after five days, and Susan showed interest in adopting Stuart.

Although the young child seemed content in Susan’s home, it was clear that he was struggling to make ends meet. Susan said that Stuart typically slept for many hours and appeared weary, sluggish, and with his head down.

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When Susan brought Stuart home, he started behaving normally and appeared to be feeling better. Everyone was thrilled by the news, which was unquestionably Stuart’s biggest victory in his young existence.

Little Stuart’s health completely recovered over time.

On Facebook, Dallas Dog RRR wrote:

I’m eating properly and growing weight steadily, so I’m generally in good form, and I like my new family!”

To meet Stuart and see whether an adoption was possible, Shane, Susan’s brother, visited his sister. As soon as they noticed one other, Stuart entered the room, came over to the sofa Shane was lying on, and placed his head on his chest.


Shane understood that since fate had brought him and Stuart together to be life partners, he should adopt Stuart at that precise time.

The little puppy, who had been eking by and clinging to life, finally had a permanent home.

The world’s most beautiful and loving pitbull, Stuart grew up quickly and healthily.

Stuart and Shane are inseparable since Shane lives in Austin, where the breed is accepted.


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