A Woman and Her Dog’s Touching Reunion After Three Months of Missing

A Woman and Her Dog’s Touching Reunion After Three Months of Missing

Anything that takes place with our dogs has a significant effect on us, not only because they become an essential member of the family but also because we love them so much. When Sol Salum, a resident of Baha Blanca, Argentina, arrived at her house on October 8, 2020, she was devastated to find that her beloved dog, Congo, had vanished. This was the moment that kicked off her tragic story.

It would seem that Congo escaped his home by taking advantage of three masons who were working on a building and had left the door open.

While the workmen were mending the front door, Congo took advantage of a lack in attention and ran forward without waiting for a response. This allowed Congo to gain an edge.


Sun had a conversation with Clarin:

Because of how swiftly he runs, they were unable to catch up with him and bring him in for questioning. When I got home, the dog was nowhere to be seen.

Sol was disheartened by the information, despite the fact that he had at first believed that it would be straightforward, particularly considering that Congo’s birthday was just a few days away. She embarked on a search for her closest companion and made her way across the city’s neighborhoods, stopping at each corner to place Congo cartels.

As part of the search approach, he also uploaded images of his dog on a number of social media sites, in the hopes that this would make it simpler for him to go back home.

They began phoning Sol from a variety of numbers almost immediately and delivering some kind of information, but it wasn’t always precisely what Sol need at the time.

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According to Sun:

The photo was basically distributed all across Bahia at that point. They called from all over the place, some of them offering aid and others making jokes over the phone.


The woman thought that all was going to work out in the end since Congo had a plaque that hung on the wall that included all of her information in the event that it was misplaced. In addition to this, she had a QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone, revealed all of the information on Sol, including the fact that he would soon be returning to his house.

Unhappily, time passed, and Sol was unable to find Congo; what was meant to be a straightforward procedure turned into a laborious three-month search process. On top of that, Sol found out about a stray dog on January 20 of this year, which was around 102 days after Congo went missing.

After the lady had a regular morning, she began posting a photo of her lost dog on social media. Not long after, she came across a picture of another dog that was very identical to her own. According to the information provided, he had been at this site for the last week, and its distance from here was ten kilometers.

Sol took the choice to go to the place in order to have a look at it, despite the fact that she was starting to feel a bit worn out from making calls that resulted in terrible outcomes. When she arrived, she parked her car on the shoulder of the road, then she crossed the road and walked to the area where she believed her pet was hiding in the bushes, but she saw no one there.

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