After 35 years, the world’s loneliest elephant is released.

After 35 years, the world’s loneliest elephant is released.

The world’s most solitary elephant will be released from its prison at the Marghazar Zoo in the Pakistani city of Isalamabad after more than 35 years.

Animal rights activists made the appalling treatment of the elephant Kaavan one of their top priorities, and after fighting for his freedom and winning several victories, they finally succeeded in relocating the elephant to a place where his way of life will completely change.


Kaavan had been lonely ever since he had gone to prison in 1985, and in 2012 he had lost his lover.

FOUR PAWS, a worldwide organization for animal protection, intervened and took over the inquiry since the administration had also irreparably abused and neglected the unhappy animal.

On September 4, Kaavan completed a general inspection, and according to Martn Bauer with the group, Kaavan received the go-ahead to depart. Although his precise position is still unclear, it is believed that he will most likely migrate to Cambodia, where he would most likely find better living conditions and the companionship of other elephants.

Kaavan led an extremely difficult and stressful life in the zoo, living alone in a tiny cage in terrible conditions.

He appeared to be hungry, but the medical examination revealed that he was overweight. Years of walking on a painful floor had also worn down his nails.

Martin said in a statement:

He also started acting stereotypically, like swinging his head back and forth repeatedly. As a result, he is largely bored.

The nation’s High Court ordered the closure of the Marghazar Zoo due to the appalling conditions there, which were attributed to widespread carelessness.

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Animal rights activists from all around the world focused on freeing Kaavan from the horrific conditions he faced. Since her situation garnered so much public attention, celebrities like the American singer Cher lobbied for her early release and transfer.

John uttered:

According to a statement from the rescue group, “Unfortunately, the rescue comes too late for two lions who died during a transfer attempt in late July when local animal caregivers set fire to their cage to force them into their transport boxes.”

CREDITS: Facebook/Four Paws International

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