After a year, Bitsy, a dog who was born blind and deaf, is reunited with her grandfather, and because to her keen sense of smell, she is able to identify him.

After a year, Bitsy, a dog who was born blind and deaf, is reunited with her grandfather, and because to her keen sense of smell, she is able to identify him.

Despite challenges, it is possible to have a completely happy life, and our deepest feelings are what count most, according to Bitsy, a delightful deaf and blind dog.

Hayden Kristal adopted Bitsy five years ago, but Hayden’s father Steve had some misgivings about how to handle their new pet. He had serious concerns about Bitsy’s way of life and wondered if she would be able to go around independently without the use of her sight and ears.


However, when she got to know Bitsy, her concerns were allayed and she came to the conclusion that Bitsy would lead an ordinary life.

The Dodo was told by Hayden that she has always been independent. She quickly went to the food dish when I first got her home, hopped in, and ate until she was satisfied.

By taking part in countless adventures, Bitsy proves every day that he is not the weak puppy that his grandfather Steve thought him to be.
The dog has traveled with Hayden around the country, going for walks, using the subway, and even teaching him how to skateboard.

“Bitsy is the kindest, most faithful, and obedient dog in the world. She is vivacious and yearns for adventure!

But because to their close connection, Steve loves her more than she could ever imagine, and the two of them are inseparable.


Steve has become into Bitsy’s biggest fan, and he makes sure she knows it whenever they have the chance to hang out. He shows her how much he loves her by treating her like a devoted grandmother and by offering her presents, toys, and tender touches.

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CREDITS: Facebook/ Hayden Kristal


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