An Injured Stray Dog Barges Into A Veterinarian’s Office Seeking Assistance(Video Inside)

An Injured Stray Dog Barges Into A Veterinarian’s Office Seeking Assistance(Video Inside)

An unexpected guest came through the door of Dayse Ferreira’s veterinary practice in Brazil earlier this week.

It was a sick and injured stray dog who sought help.

That’s precisely what he received.


Ferreira had just finished up with another client when she noticed the dog wander in — limping from a hurt paw. She and her colleagues were amazed to see that he’d taken the initiative to seek out their assistance all on his own. And he seemed to trust them immediately.

“When he came in, he put the injured paw forward, as if to say hello and to show that he was hurting,” Ferreira told The Dodo. “We were surprised because he knew where to ask for help.”

Ferreira didn’t wait to welcome the poor dog in.

Here’s that moment on video:

Ferreira gave the dog a cursory inspection and discovered that his paw was not severely wounded. But it was fortunate that he had gone to the clinic for another purpose.

She’d noticed the puppy had a tiny tumor and was flea-infested. Both were, thankfully, curable.

Ferreira gave the dog a cleaning wash and placed him on medicine. But, more importantly, by seeking assistance, the lonely dog discovered something much better.

He discovered a ray of hope.


Since then, word has spread about the vet clinic’s unexpected new patient, and adoption offers have poured in for when the time comes. His time as a lonely, unwanted dog has come to an end. And he appears to be aware of it.

“He doesn’t even appear to be ill. He’s just overjoyed to be in the company of people that care about him “Ferreira explained.

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The once homeless dog’s future has never looked better, owing to his own initiative in locating the ideal venue to beg for assistance, as well as the individuals who didn’t hesitate to aid him.

“The fact that he arrived on his own is admirable. His intellect is stunning “Ferreira explained. “I’m confident he’ll find a home where he’ll be welcomed and given all the affection he deserves.”



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