Boy Constructs A Wheelchair For A Kitten That Can’t Walk

Boy Constructs A Wheelchair For A Kitten That Can’t Walk

Joo may not have as much life experience as some people, but he is more aware of the need of compassion than most people.

As a consequence, a little cat with a disability is experiencing life for the first time.


Joo recently paid a visit to a neighbor’s house near where he resides in Paraná, Brazil. Since the kittens had been born there a few weeks prior, he had yearned to spend time with them. Something, though, didn’t feel quite right.

The youngster saw a kitten that was immobile, the boy’s mother Rogéria Bello Corazza said on the internet. He wept as he observed the other kittens having fun while she was unable to.

At that time, Joo decided to change her life.

When he got home, he started thinking of ways to help. authored by Corazza.

The kitten might benefit from a mobility cart, Joo reasoned, but it would need to be extremely small to fit her tiny body. As a result, he developed his creativity. With the assistance of a friend who donated him some materials, Joo created a small, custom wheelchair for the cat that was unable to walk.

And sure enough, Corazza noted that “she was walking in a couple of minutes.”

The kitten’s handicap has an unknown cause, but her spirit is unquestionably powerful.

Thankfully, she has met a friend in Joo who will support her throughout her journey and help her reach her full potential.


The best thing, according to Corazza, was his happiness at being able to assist.




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