Cold night, stray dog knocks on man’s door, pleading to be saved.

Cold night, stray dog knocks on man’s door, pleading to be saved.

One chilly January evening in Earlton, New York, a man answered his door to an unannounced guest. The owner had no clue where the thin, hairless dog had come from, and she was trembling in the cold.

A representative from the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA stated on Facebook that the dog appears to have been “dumped on the roadside and abandoned.” It was a cold night, so many figured she knocked on the door asking for shelter.

Inside, he contacted the police, and they came and took the dog to the shelter. Employees’ feelings were deeply affected upon seeing the dog, who had been renamed Penny.


Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA president Ron Perez said, “She was in poor condition,” as quoted by The Dodo. She had a few cuts on her face and neck and was bald in most places. There was a lot of sadness. It’s heartbreaking to see them in this condition again.

It was determined that Penny had demodex mange, a serious skin ailment in dogs caused by mites burrowing into the skin.

Veterinary specialist Chris Reeder of BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Franklin, Tennessee, told The Dodo that untreated demodex mange may be fatal. He described the condition as “often more disabling than lethal,” but added that “in some conditions it may be.”

Despite the fact that Penny was still alive, the mange had severely damaged her health. She had lost a significant amount of fur, and her remaining skin was dry, flaky, and plagued with scabs.

Perez said that whenever she tried to scratch the itch, she ended up scratching her body and causing more injury and blood.

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Penny got well with medical attention and tender loving care surprisingly rapidly. Within a week, “she looked like a new dog,” Perez said. The doctor was delighted with her quick recovery.

Over the course of many weeks, Penny made remarkable progress in her recovery. Though her mange is gone at this point, Perez said her hair may never fully come back.

According to Perez, “She’s a genuine warrior and extremely tough,” and “Her stress levels are visibly lot lower today, because she’s engaging with people, and she gets adequate food, and she’s resting right.”

While Penny was recuperating, the Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA coordinated with law enforcement to track out her abandoner. Former owner of Penny was located and arrested on animal cruelty charges within 24 hours. The ex-owner may go to prison for a year and have to pay a $1,000 fine if found guilty.


People who care about Penny are happy that she may finally see justice done, but they are even more thrilled about the couple who adopted her lately.

A large number of people expressed interest in adopting her, Perez added. And yet, these two people are excellent pet guardians. They took it easy and only saw her a few times a week at first. Everybody got along well when they brought their pets inside. In a perfect world, this would be the last place she ever lived.

The workers at the shelter are overjoyed that Penny will be leaving to start her new life on Saturday.

She’s a very nice dog, Perez added. There isn’t a single bit of meanness about her. She’s adorable and will be a wonderful pet.

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