Couple uses the proceeds from their wedding to save their cherished kitten

Couple uses the proceeds from their wedding to save their cherished kitten

North Wales’ Rhyl, in the county of Denbighshire, is home to Michelle and Mike Blakeley. They made the choice to utilize the funds they had set aside for their wedding to save the life of their cat, Matisse, who was in the middle of the road after a terrible automobile accident.

Even though they were engaged and planned to wed in about a year, they still struggled to part with their money since they both understood how crucial Matisse’s life is now as a member of the family.

They might have to wait a little longer for the wedding.


A further $1,000 may be charged for Matisse’s treatment. Only seven months old, Matisse will have surgery to link his pelvis to his spine and have his leg amputated.

Following the catastrophe, Rebecca, the couple’s daughter, was the one who found Matisse in those appalling circumstances.

As Michelle said,

He had stopped driving and was now standing in front of the door. It was damp and in poor condition because it had rained. We rushed him over to the vet. He received extensive pain medication as well as intravenous therapy. I cried all through the night and was unable to sleep.

Michelle continued:

“We have used up all of our resources, and now we have nothing. Since I’m preserving his life and he’s a family member, we don’t give it any thought and eventually run out of money.

Michelle posted Matisse’s story to Facebook after her accident and told her friends about it.


We pray that he will make up for what was lost since he is cherished. We have exhausted all of our resources and are currently trying to seek the help of our family since we have nothing left. I am aware of the size of the payment.

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Michelle responded when asked if she bothered to put off her wedding preparations:

I don’t care as long as Matisse is content and alive, at the end of the day.

CREDITS: Michelle and Mike Blakeley


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