Dog Discovers Messiest Way To Stay Cool In Summer Heat

Dog Discovers Messiest Way To Stay Cool In Summer Heat

Around the scorching Texas summer, keeping cool has been a key goal for both people and animals in Lake Dallas.

One dog named Baloo discovered a novel way to combat the heat when most have resorted to air conditioning or sitting in front of the refrigerator: the backyard sprinkler.

The 5-month-old border collie has established himself as being just as clumsy and playful as his “Jungle Book” namesake, but this disposition may get him in severe danger. The border collie joined Cara Wohr’s family.


Wohr was reading in her bedroom one morning last month when she heard some “banging around,” she told The Dodo. At first, she didn’t think anything of the ruckus — with five dogs in the house, she’s gotten used to a certain level of excitement. But when Baloo wouldn’t stop barking, Wohr went to investigate.

Years of dog hijinks couldn’t prepare her for what she found.

“That’s when I had that moment of shock and disbelief as I saw my living room being watered down with the sprinkler,” Wohr said. “Since I already had my phone in hand I got a burst shot of the situation before tossing the sprinkler back out through the doggy door.”

The sprinkler had been pulled by Baloo through the dog door and out of the backyard. Water was everywhere in the room where he had been playing with the sprinkler for at least a few minutes, soaking Wohr’s lamp, ceiling fan, TV, leather chair, coffee table, and photo albums.

To restore order to the home, a mix of hard work and Mother Nature was required. Things started drying up, according to Wohr, “after approximately five huge towels and keeping the back door open for an hour and a half with temps at 107 outdoors.”

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Since the summer heat wave began in June, Baloo has become infatuated with sprinklers, and Wohr has had to keep her energetic puppy away from his preferred water toy.

Because Baloo won’t stay off of my lawn, trying to water it is a chore, Wohr said. He moves the sprinkler and changes the settings, so I have to keep adjusting it. He adores it to the fullest! Turning off the sprinkler is the only way to get him out of there. He whimpers and paws at it, trying to restart it.


Baloo’s affection for the sprinkler has only grown after the occurrence. He runs through the streams of water for hours, or he simply stands in its soothing spray.

Wohr added, “He is very amusing and a delight to see. He won’t likely get weary of the sprinkler anytime soon, in my opinion.

Baloo’s sprinkler episode was documented in a funny photo that Wohr uploaded on Facebook, where it has already gone viral.

Wohr captioned the photo, “Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara.

However, Baloo has brought Wohr so much joy that no amount of water can sour their bond.

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