Dog enters the cat door without permission and immediately realizes her error.

Dog enters the cat door without permission and immediately realizes her error.

A quick glance is all that is need to know without a doubt that this tall, lanky dog named Vega is not a cat.

But it appears like Vega needed a reminder on that simple reality, and she surely got one.

While relaxing at home in Norway, the 4-month-old borzoi dog committed a severe mistake. Vega clearly attempted to enter through the little cat door heading outdoors, believing herself to be much smaller than she is.


How did that go for her? Clearly, not well.

Vega got badly trapped — and in the most awkward way — during her foolish attempt to squeeze through the much-too-small cat door.

She’d gotten stuck there open-mouthed, her small jaws gaping through the tight feline hole, trapping her.

Oh, Vega.

While the intended user of the door may have seen the dog’s suffering as karmic punishment, Vega’s owner, Silje Herup Juvet, was far more sympathetic. She was taken aback when she discovered what the dog had gotten herself into.

“I couldn’t believe what happened could have happened in the first place,” Juvet told The Dodo.

She asked for help, and the local fire department responded quickly.

Rather of attempting to solve Vega’s dilemma like a puzzle and risking damage by undoing the moves that had gotten her into this situation, the firemen simply cut the cat door wide enough to free her.

The door damage was a minimal price to pay to get Vega unstuck.

Vega, for the most part, survived the incident unharmed. She did lose a few of puppy teeth in her battle for freedom, but they were due to fall out anyway.

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Aside from that, Vega is back to her cheerful self.


But, ideally, the puppy will remember what happened. Her owner most obviously has not.

“I’m overjoyed to have her back without any major injuries. I’m hoping she’s learnt her lesson “Juvet said. “I hope she grows to the point where such an event is no longer physically conceivable in the future.”

What about Juvet’s cat, the true owner of the now-damaged door?

“She’s still not thrilled with having a dog in the house,” Juvet explained.



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