Dog requests that anybody passing by throw his toy for him

Dog requests that anybody passing by throw his toy for him

One day while walking by a residence, Caterina Dellabona noticed an intriguing sign hanging on their gate. Please refrain from tossing toys onto the cactus, said the notice, which was printed in Italian (the dog will hurt itself). Thank you. Throw left or right.

She was first confused…


Until suddenly, a tiny dog with a toy in his mouth and a desire to play appeared at the gate.

He looked at us, wagged his tail, picked up his toy, and popped his head over the fence, Dellabona told The Dodo. It was safe since it was big enough for his head to pass through comfortably but not big enough for his body.

The owners of the little dog eventually had to put up a sign to make sure that the playing was always safe because he seemed to beg everyone who passes by to play with him.

In order to avoid the nearby cactus, Dellabona continued tossing the toy, and the little dog happily went after it and brought it back to her. She spent a solid 10 minutes playing with him before departing, much to the dog’s chagrin.


Every time she passes the house now, Dellabona pauses to play fetch with her new friend, albeit never for as long as he would want.

Every time I passed him, Dellabona said, “I’d play with him, but I’d always break up the game, not him.” “I don’t think he’ll give up,”

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