Dog risks his life to keep young owner safe from home burglars.

Dog risks his life to keep young owner safe from home burglars.

German Shepherd named Rex resides with his family in Washington state. To save his 16-year-old brother Javier, the dog put his own life in danger.

And Rex should be hailed as a hero for it.


Two thieves entered the house when Rex and Javier were inside alone. According to Q13 Fox News, out of fear, Javier ran upstairs and hid in a bedroom closet while speaking with authorities.

Rex, however, resisted giving in.

The dog allegedly approached the invaders, who then mauled him, according to Javier’s aunt. The dog continued to struggle as he ran away.

Susy Cadena writes, “Rex ran back to the top floor to check on his owner, who was still cowering in the closet, all beaten up and bleeding from the beating. “The invaders swiftly made their way to the upstairs floor where they destroyed every bedroom. Rex threw himself at them with what little strength he had left as they drew near the room where my nephew was hidden in the closet. He knew my nephew was in danger.

After then, the thieves started shooting at Rex, striking him at least three times. After that, they took off, leaving Javier unscathed.

Rex’s new battle started.

When the authorities showed up, Rex was taken to the BluePearl Veterinary Clinic in Renton. He had been stabilized, but to save him, he would need surgery, something Rex’s family couldn’t pay on their own.

At that point, a large number of strangers stepped in to help.

For Rex’s medical costs, Cadena started a GoFundMe campaign with a $10,000 target. In just a few days, gifts totaling more than $60,000 had been received.

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Rex had the procedure required to preserve his life.


Thankfully, the procedure went smoothly.

On Sunday, Rex received permission to be freed. He’s finally back home, where the people who care about him the most will help him get better.


The Dodo quoted Rex’s family as saying, “Thank God, Rex is doing much better.” For him to become the beautiful dog he once was, he will need a lot of care, tolerance, and love from all of us. But don’t believe for a second that we won’t make every effort to get him there as soon as we can.



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