Even after spending 2,381 days at a shelter, the dog never lost hope.

Even after spending 2,381 days at a shelter, the dog never lost hope.

I question why not simply put him to sleep.

Leslie Renner, executive director of The Humane Society of Preble County in Ohio, kept hearing it when the subject of Higgins came up. Renner wasn’t ready to give up on the senior German shepherd who had been at the shelter for a while but had spent virtually his whole life behind bars.

The fact that Higgins didn’t want to give up on looking for a place to call home was more important.


Higgins was adopted right away after arriving at the shelter as a small puppy. But living in his first house was not perfect. Higgins eventually returned to the shelter in 2012.

Renner told The Dodo, “We heard he was little more than a dog tethered to a dog home.” About a year later, “it was him” who entered the building with a stray dog.

She said, “Nobody ever came searching for him, nobody ever cared.”

Higgins’ adoption prospects were limited because he preferred to be by himself and away from other animals. Despite the fact that Renner was aware that she merely needed to wait till the right candidate emerged, Higgins was continually passed over by her.

“People are looking for pups or dogs that are 6 months old,” claims Renner. When he came back, he was a year old, then two, then three.

Higgins had been at the shelter for so long that potential adopters thought he was sick. Why else would he continue to live there year after year?

The permanently concerned look on his face made him a little frightening when he was in his kennel, according to Renner. Simply put, he was disregarded.

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Then, after Higgin had been at the shelter for 2,381 days, Brendon Reed entered and announced, “I’m come to take Higgins home.”

Renner gasped in disbelief.


After viewing Higgin’s portrait online and learning about his life, Reed, 22, who had just purchased his first house, realized that Higgin was the perfect dog for him. Reed remarked to The Dodo, “He was simply a lovely dog. He was just so adorable,… I’m perplexed as to how he evaded adoption.

After six and a half years, Higgins is now content to take naps on the couch, watch TV, explore his own backyard, and roll about in the grass.

Away from the demands of shelter life, Higgins is learning what it is to have a father who loves him and continuously gives him a sense of security and affection.

Reed remarked, “He is just so joyful, it’s sort of insane.” He simply enjoys relaxing.



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