Every day, the dog greets customers outside his mother’s store.

Every day, the dog greets customers outside his mother’s store.

It can be beneficial for business to bring your dog to work, especially if he likes to shake paws with every passerby. After only a few days of taking her 8-year-old English bulldog, Nelson, to work with her, Conny Steyaert discovered that at least.

Nelson began accompanying Steyaert, a women’s clothing vendor at Belgium’s outdoor markets and street fairs, when he was still a puppy in order to manage his nervousness.


Steyaert remarked to The Dodo, “[He’s] an extremely sensitive dog. Although [he] is a calm and laid-back dog at home, he dislikes being left alone.

He enjoys being outside the most, she said.

Steyaert made the choice to put Nelson up with his own blanket in front of her stand while she worked rather than leaving him at home during the day. He could relax there and observe his surroundings.

Nelson quickly realized that waiting patiently in this location would attract the attention of passersby who were shopping. Steyaert remarked, “What affects me the most is when he lifts his paw to [shake] with others. He is skilled at stealing people’s hearts.

Watch Nelson win over the hearts of strangers here:

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And steal their hearts, he does daily — more so than Steyaert ever expected.

Nelson was a good, affectionate, and laid-back dog with people at work, which shocked Steyaert. “However, I was more shocked by how individuals behaved. I had no idea that so many passing people would pet a stranger’s dog.

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Nelson can receive anything from casual head turns to full-on adoration from people who are walking by his mom’s place of employment. He was described as a “lovely and gentle dog” by several individuals, according to Steyaert. Some people would even bring him a treat.

Although most of the people Nelson meets while at work are strangers, the stoic bulldog has gained quite a few “best friends” over the years. His mom, in turn, has gained more notoriety within her community.

“It happens often that people recognize me through Nelson,” Steyaert said.


Nelson has not only made unaware customers smile, but he has also helped some of the individuals he has met while working with his mother.

“One day, a girl stopped to ask me if she may touch Nelson when she was walking by [our stall],” Steyaert said. However, the girl began to cry when Steyaert concurred. She told Steyaert that her bulldog had just gone , and that she was glad to meet Nelson.

Nelson’s presence also helps to bring clients, but what really flourishes is his bond with his mother. Steyaert declared, “He is my best buddy, constantly at my side. “[He] transformed my life,” I said.





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