Every evening before bed, the shelter dog insists on being wrapped.

Every evening before bed, the shelter dog insists on being wrapped.

Pit bull puppy Prince, age 2, was reared in a family until his father decided he could no longer care for him and gave him to his girlfriend. She took care of him, and on one of her walks, she let go of his leash. He took off, and no one knew where he was until Animal Control captured him and rescuers at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society shelter in New York took him in..

When Prince arrived at the refuge, he was uneasy. The staff made many attempts to speak with the woman, but she never showed up despite her promises to take him home once again. Since then, Prince has stayed in the shelter.

This puppy’s prior instability may have made it difficult for him to adjust to the shelter.


The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society’s director of behavior and enrichment, Nancy Haynes, explained to The Dodo:

“When you approached his cage, he would shrink, sit on his back, and shudder. He usually has a ball coiled up towards to the back of his cage.

Fortunately, the staff at the shelter found a way to win Prince’s trust and put him at rest; they learned that he likes to be wrapped up on the evenings before everyone goes home.

As Nancy said:

One of the staff members was simply snuggling with him in the kennel. A staff member saw him get onto the bed and quickly pulled a blanket around him, commenting, “Oh, he really loves this.” He is put at ease by it.

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Since his rescuers realized this, they all take turns protecting Prince at night.

As Nancy said:

He just has one issue. He usually waits until someone approaches his cage before getting on the bed. He will go to bed to be wrapped, though, if you walk with him to the cage.

In addition to this regimen, Prince likes socializing.

As Nnacy said:

“Cuddling is his absolute favorite pastime. He is a man who lives for it. When you enter his cage with him, he licks your face, moans, and growls as you scratch his buttocks. It’s sheer delight to him.


Prince ties himself up before going to bed every night.
Prince, however, has not yet found a new residence.

“Because he doesn’t present himself properly in his cage, he could bark and become angry if someone he doesn’t know approaches it. However, his hypersensitivity has significantly decreased since receiving such individualized therapy.

Prince should be able to find the perfect home, ideally one without other pets, the shelter staff hopes.

As Nnacy said:

It’s not that challenging. He is on a leash and walks well. He is not too difficult to train. He is enthused, but not excessively. He would therefore be a wonderful friend for someone.


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