Kitten Discovered Alone Near The Forest, Climbs On Cyclists And Refuses To Leave Them

Kitten Discovered Alone Near The Forest, Climbs On Cyclists And Refuses To Leave Them

Fortunately, two bikers who were passing by and could hear the adorable kitty that was found alone wondering through the woodland in the fields of central Brittany, France, come to her aid.

The pair heard a loud noise coming from the bushes as they continued their normal bike ride through the woods. The small kitten, who was lost and alone in the jungle, was discovered when they both stopped to look into what it was.

Celine and her husband, Daniel, initially believed it to be a bird, but the loud noises were actually the kitten meowing for assistance.


“We were travelling through a forest with no buildings around and crossing a very calm road when all of a sudden we heard a loud shriek coming from a fern on the side of the road.”

The kitten was unhappy and terrified at the moment, and she even made an attempt to flee from the married couple.

She was forced to sit on the ground and speak to the small cat in a low voice in an effort to win her trust. The cat eventually came to the conclusion that the pair was not trying to injure her and went up to cuddle Celine repeatedly.

Celine continued:

“She refused to allow me. She kept weeping and clawing her way up on me. We were aware that we had to attempt to return her home.”

The journey home was lengthy, so Daniel tucked her beneath his shirt to attempt to keep her safe. They chose to go home without the kitten since it was quite agitated and was attempting to escape from her.

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In the hopes that the cat wouldn’t escape, they swiftly drove back to their house after putting her in hiding.


When they got home, they grabbed a cardboard box and set off as swiftly as they could for the forest.

Celine threw in.

She emerged from concealment and ran towards me as soon as I stepped out of the car and yelled for her.

The adorable cat leapt into Celine’s arms and began to climb up, seemingly willing to accompany them home.


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