Little Dog Is Overjoyed That Someone Reminded Him of His Birthday

Little Dog Is Overjoyed That Someone Reminded Him of His Birthday

Can you recall the exact day when you turned 18? It was a significant event in many ways. When you reached that mystical age, it indicated that you had graduated from childhood and into adulthood.

When it comes to canines, reaching the age of three is fairly comparable. A dog that is three years old is no longer considered a puppy, not even an older one. When a dog reaches the age of 3, he has effectively entered his teenage years.


This is Odin, a little dog that has tiny paws, tiny ears, and a tiny tail that wags when he’s excited. From only lately, on the special occasion of the puppy’s birthday, one aspect of Odin was everything but a miniature.

On this particular day, though, his grin was everything but modest.

The Dodo, a little dog, is overjoyed that someone remembered that his birthday is today.

Joyce Cetina and her family are Odin’s current landlords. Since Odin was adopted three years ago, he has never missed a day of showing his new family how much he loves and cares for them.

“He is a highly devoted friend and partner. He is very affectionate and enjoys playing.

In the early part of the month, as Odin’s birthday drew closer, the Cetina family went out of their way to throw a party in his honor. They wanted to show him how much they love and respect him, so they threw him an incredible party to celebrate his special day.

The Cetinas had placed an order for a cake that was suitable for canines and strung up decorations.

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Following that, they divulged the secret to Odin.


Odin was unquestionably relieved and manifestly overjoyed to learn that the members of the family he loves so dearly seem to be showing their appreciation for him in return.

Despite the fact that it was ostensibly Odin’s special day (or more accurately, the anniversary of the day they adopted him), his family feels as if they are the ones who have been given the most wonderful gift of all.

Joyce said, “Of course, Odin is showered with love and attention during the whole year.” “However, for the both of us, it is a significant day since that is the day that he entered our life. He brings a lot of joy to all of us.”

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