Man Finds Cat in His Garage but He Doesn’t Own a Cat!

Man Finds Cat in His Garage but He Doesn’t Own a Cat!

Steve Hamel is a photographer and one day when was in his garage working on his jeep, he had an unexpected visitor.

It was a ginger kitty with white paws that jumped up onto the Jeep as if she was offering to help.



Steve had never seen the cat before but he thought she was very cute, especially when she climbed onto his shoulders for a cuddle.


She seemed quite at home as she checked out Steve’s garage, so much so, that she soon settled down for a nap in his toolbox.


Kitty wasn’t wearing a collar and they couldn’t find a microchip, Steve has become quite smitten by his unexpected visitor and if her family couldn’t be found he was thinking of adopting her.

In fact, the whole family became enamoured with this friendly kitty, his daughter had named her Sally, and they even bought cat supplies and a name tag for her.


Steve has decided to put a picture of her on the local Facebook page to see if anybody recognised her and a few days later a family made contact.


“We found the owners. These lovely people were reunited with their beloved cat. They lived right around the corner from us and had many heart warming photos of the cat playing with their daughter,” he explained on the Facebook post.

The family were happy that they had reunited Sally with her family but at the same time they were heartbroken although they knew they had done the right thing.


Steve decided that the only thing that could be done now was for them to look for a kitty of their own.

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