Once nobody offers him any change. A Dog Comforts A Struggling Street Performer

Once nobody offers him any change. A Dog Comforts A Struggling Street Performer

Wara Ricoo was staring out the window of his Colombian house the other day when he spotted something that made him stop and think.

A street musician was busking at a major junction, singing songs at a stoplight in the hopes of making some money. But, unfortunately, things did not go his way.

No one gave the man a cent.


The man returned to the roadside after the light turned green, empty-handed despite his effort. But then Ricoo saw that the man, though struggling, actually had something far greater than money.

He had the love of a good dog.

Here’s that moment on video:

The man was accompanied by a small white dog, and all it took for her tail to wag was watching him approach. Their lovely hug told it all while Ricoo gazed on from afar.

Ricoo told The Dodo, “It was a moment of love and loyalty for me.” “I was so moved that I walked down to speak with him.”

Ricco discovered the man’s name was Anderson. He was an ambitious artist who had fallen on hard times. Regardless, he was committed to keeping his dog, Mayte, happy and well-fed.

Ricoo later organized a trip to the vet for both Mayte and his other dog, Negrita, because Anderson couldn’t afford it.

“Thank God, they’re all healthy,” Ricco said.


Ricco made the decision to go beyond that and above. Anderson’s tale was shared on social media in the hopes of assisting the loving dog dad in getting back on his feet.
He even scheduled time in a recording studio for him so that his music might finally find a listener.

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With Ricoo’s support, an artist who formerly struggled to make a dollar on the street has garnered tens of thousands of internet fans. Things have never looked better for Anderson and his furry family.

Anderson referred to the assistance he, Mayte, and Negrita got as a “gift,” and it all began with a hug.

Ricoo remarked of his new companions’ future, “I have trust that everything will change for the better.” “Keep going and giving no matter what life throws at you.”


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