Only wanting to help the street cats, this five-year-old

Only wanting to help the street cats, this five-year-old

When he comes over for the weekend, Shon, the 5-year-old nephew of Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin, only wants to go outside and look after the stray animals.

According to Papiernik, an independent cat rescuer, “we have played a vital part in his life ever since he was born.” If he was around us, he was among cats. He imitates what we do.

More than 40 street cats who reside in shady areas of Philadelphia and the surrounding region have been cared after by Papiernik and Griffin over the past ten years. The best Papiernik and Griffin can do for certain cats, who are too wild and unsocialized to adapt to domestic life, is to feed them and make an effort to get as many of them spayed and neutered as they can.


The many cat colonies have been given the names Kolony Kats, Backyard Boys, Stray Kitty Crew, Meow Squad, Gas Station Kitties, and Indoor Kitties.

Papiernik and Griffin weren’t too sure when Shon first said that he was interested in helping out with the kitties.

The fact that they are wild cats “We were a little worried at first because we thought they were going to run from a boisterous 3-year-old,” Papiernik added.

The women, though, couldn’t have been more off base.

The exact reverse happened; they were drawn to him, according to Papiernik. “He would scratch their heads and bellies. It was remarkable to watch how these cats took to him right away despite not even letting us touch them. The cats must be able to detect some sort of magical influence from him.

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One of the first cats that Shon was able to win over was a cat by the name of Bug who lives with nine other cats in the Kolony Kats group.

Because Bugs refused to approach us and the trap, Papiernik recalled, “We couldn’t get Bug neutered or anything.” However, Bug approached Shon right away when he started feeding him, and since since, Bug has been an amiable cat.

Shon is still too little to help with the canned food or provide medication to the cats at Papiernik and Griffin’s home. However, he is perfectly capable of giving the cats their dry food, giving them treats, and filling their water bowls.

Papiernik remarked, “He loves to dress up sometimes. He claimed that doing so makes him feel like an animal superhero.

Shon despises missing any opportunity to visit the kitties since he loves them so much.


He gets quite angry if it’s rainy, cold, or if he can’t go, according to Papiernik. “He sobs, and it hurts him so much,”

However, when Shon is given the opportunity to interact with the street cats, he is at his most comfortable, which makes Papiernik and Griffin very happy.

We adore it, said Papiernik. It causes us to grin.





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