Puppy Abandoned At The Airport Had A Heartbreaking Note From His Owner, And It’ll Make You Cry

Puppy Abandoned At The Airport Had A Heartbreaking Note From His Owner, And It’ll Make You Cry

A 3-month-old Chihuahua named Chewy was discovered abandoned and hurt inside a Las Vegas airport. Just be aware that the dog was left with the following heartbreaking message before passing judgment on his owner.

“Hi! Chewy here! My owner couldn’t afford to pay for my travel since she was in an abusive relationship. She genuinely didn’t want to leave me, but she had no choice. When we were arguing, my ex-boyfriend kicked my dog, leaving him with a large knot on his head. He most likely need a vet. Please love and look after Chewy; I adore him very much.


Fortunately, a good Samaritan located the canine quickly and brought him to Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue. The shelter’s founder, Lindia Gilliam, first became aware of Chewy’s tale there.

Gilliam admitted to The Dodo that “my heart plummeted to my knees.” I didn’t think twice about taking him in and told my foster to take him to the emergency room right away.

According to Gilliam, this demonstrates the challenging predicament faced by pet owners in violent relationships. Overall, this is a hugely underappreciated problem, according to Gilliam. We also wanted to try to convey to Chewy’s mother that she was brave to act in the way she did and that he is secure and will lead a wonderful life.



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