Rescued Gosling and Mini Horse Refuse to Be Divided Up

Rescued Gosling and Mini Horse Refuse to Be Divided Up

Meet Waffles and Hemingway, two unexpected friends who show that a good friend can help you get through anything.

Officials from the neighborhood Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals visited a residence in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in July as a result of accusations of carelessness. Officials discovered Waffles, a tiny horse, and Hemingway, a very guarded goose, in the same corral.


According to Cindy Kelly, the BCSPCA’s director of communications, “they were being kept in unclean circumstances without proper shelter.” “We don’t know how long they were living together, but… it appeared to us that these two shared a particular relationship from the beginning.”

Waffles and Hemingway now share a stall at the SPCA barn after being transported there by officials. Since moving in, the two have become even closer as a result of their new surroundings. Kelly observed that “the duo just seem delighted to be together and Hemingway really wants to maintain it that way.” They appear to give each other comfort.

Kelly said: “A staff member glanced into the stall once and noticed Hemingway with his head and neck lying across Waffles’ back. It is impossible for staff members to not be impacted by the way the two horses care for one other.”

Hemingway is obviously willing to go to any lengths for his pal, who has required medical treatment ever since arriving at the SPCA. This has occasionally made treating the little horse a little more challenging.

Hemingway just becomes too protective because he doesn’t want to be separated from his pal, Kelly explained. If Hemingway believes you are attempting to get in their path, he may honk or flap his wings.

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Adoption queries are pouring in from all around the country due to the linked animals’ endearing connection. The BCSPCA has received more than 300 adoption applications and more than a hundred phone calls in only one week.

The two will be prepared to find their everlasting home together as soon as Waffles has been given the all-clear by the veterinary experts.

The two friends have gone through so much, said Kelly, but now they have a bright future because of one kind person: “It’s only because someone voiced their worries that these people are doing so well and have a fair shot at a really happy ending.”


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