Running across traffic to get assistance for her wounded owner is a loyal dog.

Running across traffic to get assistance for her wounded owner is a loyal dog.

In Guapiles, Costa Rica, Milagro Muoz Araya and her husband were passing by the veterinary clinic where she works when they saw a confused little dog darting back and forth across the road while dodging cars. The loving canine was looking for help for her human father.

To The Dodo, Milagro elucidated:

“When I saw the dog furiously running back and forth, I knew he was trying to tell us something. My husband and I thus stopped to investigate what was wrong with the unfortunate animal.

They arrived at a man lying on the ground holding a cane thanks to the dog. He seemed to have serious harm.


Milagro declared:

“The dog followed my husband and myself as we hurried to the man and started licking him incessantly. My partner called for an ambulance.

The dog stayed at his owner’s side even though it had started to rain at this point.

Milagro declared:

She never abandoned him.

Milagro declared:

He was conscious but badly hurt. People who arrived at the scene reported that the man lives alone with the animal and has leg problems. He could have stumbled and fallen because he had trouble walking.

When the ambulance arrived, the person was loaded onto a stretcher and taken inside by the paramedics. The dog also ascended.

Milagro declared:

“As shown in the pictures, he moved promptly to his owner’s side of the ambulance and laid on his chest. The paramedic allowed the dog to bid her owner farewell, but we were forced to bring her because she was not allowed to stay in the ambulance.

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Finally, the man was brought to the hospital, and while he recovered, a neighbor took the dog home.

Milagro then posted pictures from the occasion on Facebook, where they quickly went popular, surprising her.


A few days later, when the man had been discharged from the hospital, the woman went back to the same location to see how he was doing. She was escorted by a man to the master and dog’s modest home.

Milagro introduced himself to Don Jorge, the proprietor, and Chiquita, the dog.

Milagro declared:

“I was happy to learn that everyone was okay. I was saddened to see them living in such utter poverty at the same time. The man can’t walk to fetch his medicine because of a problem with his legs. He has a kind neighbor who provides for him and does his laundry.

Don Jorge has Chiquita in addition to his neighbor. Milagro is confident that Chiquita will do all in her power to save her owner if Don Jorge ever finds herself in jeopardy again.

The veterinarian Milagro made the extra-helpful decision to take Chiquita to her clinic so that she could be sterilized, immunized, dewormed, and have blood tests done.

Milagro went on:

“I think it’s essential that people are aware of these tales in order to treat animals with compassion. Animals are helpless, sensitive creatures who depend on people to provide for their needs. Additionally, they must not be misused.

CREDITS: Facebook/ Milagro Muñoz Araya

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