The elderly man shops on the street for metals and cat food.

The elderly man shops on the street for metals and cat food.

Willie Ortiz, a 76-year-old veteran and scrap metal collector, is from Hartford, Connecticut. In 22 years of feeding neighborhood stray cats, he hasn’t missed a single day. Regardless of the rain, snow, or extreme cold, he still goes out and collects scrap metal to pay for the food and cat supplies.

Willie takes care of the stray animals by feeding them every evening and spaying and neutering them to keep the number from getting out of control.


After observing people ignore a starving kitten that was pleading for food, he began providing food for stray cats. Willie saw that “people were pushing it away, and I could see it needed care.” “I need to do something, even if I know these animals can’t comprehend my accent,” From that moment on, he made the decision that helping stray cats was his life’s work.

Willie feeds the cats and keeps an eye on their health every day. Every morning he drives around gathering scraps to sell. Every evening he leaves his house with tins of sardines and cat chow. He provides excellent care and nutrition for the kitties he looks for.

Willie looks to injured or ailing animals, bringing them in for the required medical treatment, in addition to providing daily cat food. Willie contends that despite how difficult his job is, it is his life and the reason he is actually content. Willie pledges to continue feeding the kitties for as long as he can.

The previous year, Kathleen Schlentz started a GoFundMe campaign to help Willie buy additional food for the cats. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it raised more money than anticipated, but you can still help. We hope that those who have donated to Willie’s cause will keep doing so.

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According to Kathleen Schlentz on GoFundMe, “he currently feeds 16 colonies of stray and wild cats, totaling 68 animals, every night, 365 days a year, and has never missed a night in 22 years.” He sees to it that they have all they require for the best possible quality of life.

The world needs more people like Willie to continue making small differences every day. But not everyone agrees with his decision. Ortiz said, “They complain that I give them too much or inquire as to why I feed them every day. You must eat, right? They only consume one meal each day, compared to your three.


Please share this touching story with your friends and family. Go here to find out how you can help him if you want to.

Credits: Go Fund Me




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