This Rescue Kitten Was Constantly Crying Then His Owner Realized He Was Trying To Say Something

This Rescue Kitten Was Constantly Crying Then His Owner Realized He Was Trying To Say Something

Wisconsin woman Alana Hadley adopted her kitten Ares from a local Door County animal shelter.

It was love at first sight for Alana as the little ginger kitten looked exactly like her own cat that had passed away.



But, alas, something just wasn’t right from the start. Indeed, no matter how much Alana tried to comfort the little kitty, he would meow all day until he finally dropped off to sleep at night.

She even bought him a cuddly toy so he had something to cuddle and help comfort him.


Before long, though, his human mom had a feeling she knew what her boy was trying to tell her…

Ares had arrived at the shelter with his sister Aphrodite, and when Alana saw the two kittens she had wanted to adopt both of them but Aphrodite was already in the process of being adopted by another family


It was now obvious that Ares missed his sibling and was grieving because he had been taken away from her.

The next day Alana learned that Aphrodite’s adoption had fallen through so she immediately took Ares to the shelter so he could be reunited with his sister.



As soon as they saw each other they were running around the room, chasing each other and having the time of their lives.


So that was it, Alana could now adopt his sister and the two of them could spend the rest of their lives together in their forever home.

“They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them. They sleep most of the day and they cuddle each other when they nap,” Alana said.

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