Three Abandoned Cats Found Starving Have New Family Thanks to This Angel of a Woman

Three Abandoned Cats Found Starving Have New Family Thanks to This Angel of a Woman

Megan Beavers and her husband Zach love animals. So much so that Megan is often a foster parent to rescued cats and kittens.

She told We Love Cats and Kittens: “I work with Happy Feet Pet Rescue as a foster. I take on cats and kittens. I like to do medical, last chance cases where I pull cats/kittens directly from the streets to give them a second chance. I also do bottle babies which are orphaned kittens that need to be bottle fed and cared for every 3 hours.”

megan beavers

Megan also volunteers at Saving Tails Animal Rescue. This caring organisation visit houses where dogs are left on chains outside all day.


They ensure that the dogs have shelter when necessary, are fed and watered and receive any medical care they may need.

megan with cat

This caring lady feels that getting the chance to help animals in need has helped her tremendously with her own issues:

“Rescue work is important to me because I have always struggled with my mental health. I’ve had major depressive disorder for over 20 years now, and am constantly battling myself. But when I’m involved in rescue, I feel fulfilled. I feel happy. I feel like I’m serving something greater than myself, and I’m giving a second chance where there otherwise wouldn’t be one.”


One day Megan and Zach had gone out to attend to one of these dogs when a cat came running up to them. He was obviously very hungry and tried to climb into the car looking for food.

cat carrier

After talking to the neighbors she discovered that these cats had been dumped there at least five months ago and nobody in the area could afford to regularly feed them. They were slowly starving to death taking shelter in an empty house.

On closer examination Megan discovered that all of the cats were really skinny. Their fur was missing and thin in places due to stress bathing, they had wormy bellies and were covered in fleas.

harry potter

Megan explains: “This was a huge concern as we are located in the Midwest, and outdoor animals can freeze to death. We gave them as much food as we had, and we noticed they were so hungry they growled when they ate.”

two cats

Megan knew that she had to act quickly, these poor kitties were starving to death. Luckily she had a cat carrier in the car and managed to coax them in with food and some gentle shoves.


These three kitties that had spent a terrible time on the street, were now huddled together in the cat carrier and finally felt safe.

starving cats

Once back at the house Megan gave them a thorough examination. She gave them weight checks, a full physical exam and provided them with flea meds and worm meds.

She was sure that these kitties started their life as indoor cats – somebody obviously got sick of them and threw them out like garbage.

cat in cage

She was white-hot with rage and couldn’t believe how somebody could do that to these sweet cats.

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